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When you offer the public an effective real estate website that answers common questions, displays multiple listings, and helps buyers and sellers accomplish their real estate goals, the odds are that people will visit your website for several different reasons. They may be searching for a home to buy or a REALTOR® to help them sell. Maybe they’re not sure if they’re able to purchase a home and need your expertise to show them what they can afford. Nevertheless, there is one thing that each visitor to your website will have in common: they will eventually leave your website. If you do not have their email address or phone number how can you reach these website visitors once they’ve left your website behind? This is where ReCall Marketing becomes such an impactful tool in real estate marketing.

The sole purpose of ReCall Marketing is to bring those visitors back to your website; an increase in brand recognition and positioning are the cherries on top! With ReCall Marketing, a series of ads are created to represent your real estate brand and services. Anytime a lead leaves your website, they will be reminded of your brand through these ads which are displayed on other websites periodically. With the number of real estate professionals recognizing the importance of online marketing, it has never been more important to ensure that they are returning to your website.

How Does It Work?

  1. A snippet of code, gathered from Google AdWords, is added to every page on your real estate website.

  2. An individual visits your website to seek real estate assistance for their buying or selling needs.

  3. This potential lead leaves your website without filling in a contact form, registering on your website, or communicating.

  4. Once they have left your website and begin browsing other sites, they come across YOUR AD in various ad spaces.

  5. Your ad reinforces your brand and when clicked will guide the individual back to your website allowing you to capture this lead.


This technique is used by small and large companies to regain attention from those who have previously expressed an interest in their services. It also helps to keep your brand fresh in the mind of the consumer. Even if they do not choose to click on your ad, at least they will know who you are and what you can do for their real estate needs when they are ready to move forward.

There are some companies who make the set up of ReCall Marketing simple! Find out more about INCOM’s ReCall Marketing solution at

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  • anon
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    Hi, I just wanted to tell the readers of your blog how helpful you have been to me over the past few weeks. I am still in the learning process and your help and advice has been invaluable. The best bit is that you reply so promptly it is almost as if you are sat at your pc just waiting for my mail. Not only that but you go the extra mile and give me way more information than I actually asked for in the first place. So a great big heartfelt thank you' for being what I am starting to believe is my mentor. I hate the phrase but you rock' thank you squillions. Best wishes Jane
    Jun 17, 2015
  • anon
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    Hi Jane, Thank you for your wonderful feedback and for being such a wonderful client! :)
    Jun 17, 2015

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