What Is VOW?

A real estate website with VOW integration, allows real estate agents to provide their web visitors increased access to MLS® data in exchange for their contact information. Once a visitor provides their contact information, they are given a password to obtain valuable property information and conduct searches of all available MLS® listings.

How Does VOW Work?

When a prospective client visits your website and begins their search for their ideal home, how will you know? With VOW in effect, your website visitors will be encouraged to register with your website for access to all listing search results.

Your website visitors will see a message during their searches to let them know that there are several listings that are not available for them to view:

“93366 properties are displayed. To view additional 7673 listings simply click here and sign up for FREE. If you already have an account, please login here.”

In order to view the complete listing results, they must register with the website and provide their contact information. Once they register, the website owner will receive an email notification with the visitor’s contact details. As a registrant, the visitor will have their own username and password to log into the website at any time to access complete property search results.


Once a website visitor elects to register on your website for increased access, your back-office will instantly begin tracking which listings they are viewing while roaming your site. You can see exactly what listings they are viewing any time they use your website to search for listings. This feature will capture prospect listings of interest and contact details such as email and phone number so that you can reach out and turn this credible lead into a client.