Social Media Integration for Real Estate Office Websites

Share and Connect with 250+ Social Media Sites

Most real estate offices are involved in social media through Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other platforms. Therefore it is important to be able to link your office website to these other forms of online marketing. Our Social Media Integration helps you advertise your property listings on the internet in a revolutionary way. This tool easily allows you and your visitors to share property listings, blog pages, and content pages across 250+ social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. In addition, your office website will have attractive social media icons to guide visitors to your social media pages.

Social Media Integration spreads your office website content across the web and onto the social networking sites that are visited by millions of users daily. The social media tools included within INCOM's full-featured website and marketing solution makes it easy for visitors to bookmark/share information from any web page throughout your website with a simple click. This in turn increases traffic back to your website and acts as a credible referral.