Let your real estate office website generate leads for you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. No door knocking or cold calling required! Your website does the prospecting for you! Internet marketing is the easiest and most effective way to generate leads, especially with a powerful website. By capturing prospect information and alerting you when a form is submitted, your INCOM office website will keep you in the know in regards to visitors and interest. Forms like 'Find Dream Home', 'Free Home Evaluation' and 'Distressed Sales Watch' attract the desired attention from both buyers and sellers. This saves you time, money and energy, and ultimately ensures that each prospect looks forward to hearing from you.

Each real estate marketing tool that INCOM integrated into our office websites is used to promote lead conversion by developing a touch-point for new clients, while helping to foster the buying or selling process. These powerful marketing tools help you leverage more profitable opportunities that translate into revenue for you. Best of all, this complete real estate marketing system is almost effortless, generating leads through your office website even when you're out of the office, on the road, with clients or while on vacation!

The social media tools integrated throughout the INCOM solution allow agents and website visitors to share listings, blog posts, and content pages across any social media platform as a way to market their website and generate leads. 

ReCall marketing is another tool introduced by INCOM as a way to market your website to previous visitors and encourage them to return to your website when they are ready to move forward with their buying or selling. See our ReCall Marketing page for additional information.


  • Lead generating forms increase revenue-earning opportunities
  • Create detailed buying/selling profiles of prospects
  • Offer customers more personalized services
  • Capture prospect details
  • Create a no-pressure communication avenue
  • Reduce advertising costs
  • Eliminate cold-calling and door-knocking
  • Be instantly alerted when a lead is generated