How do I start promoting my InCom Real Estate website?Your newly designed real estate website needs exposure, and lots of it. Here are some tips on how to promote your site:

  • Ensure your new website address (URL) is included on all your promotional and advertising materials such as business cards, brochures, feature sheets, press releases, signs, letters, newspaper or magazine ads and more.
  • E-mail your past, present and prospective clients with a link to your new real estate website, so they can take a look at current real estate information and have access to your new contact information.
  • Include your URL on your voice mail, e-mail and greetings. Include a short introduction such as: "To see the latest information and properties for sale in Toronto, visit my website at"
  • Take advantage of our e-marketing solutions and services: search engine optimization & marketing, pay-per-click advertising, ReCall Marketing, or link building. Call now for a free quote!
  • Add your new URL to your social media pages (E.g. Facebook and Twitter)
  • Watch our video tutorials to learn how to use our built in SEO tools