Using the Wizard Tool

How to get your Google API key, step-by-step instructions.

  • please note you will need to have a personal Gmail account created for this, as you need to link billing information to obtain your Google API key.

  • you will not be charged from Google provides you with $200 in credits a month. Please refrain from using your API Key on multiple websites since this may cause you to go over your free credits and you may be charged.

  1. Go here to access the Google Maps API homepage
  2. Under “Welcome to Google Maps Platform” click “Get Started”.
  3. This will bring you to the account information page. Select your country and review and agree to the terms and services.

  4. Verify Identity and contact information, confirm the information is correct, and select continue.
  5. Billing information.

    • Account Type – Select Individual from the drop down

    • Name and Address – Fill out your billing address

    • Payment method – fill out your credit card details. (This is how Google verifies you are a real person)

    • Click make sure credit or debit card address is same as above

  6. Click “Start my free Trial."

  7. You will get a pop-up confirming you have signed up and your free trial has begun. Click “Got It”.

  8. The next page will ask you to select products. Select the following:

    • Maps

    • Routes

    • Places

  9. Select Enable.

If you are directed to a different page please go here

  1. On the Enable Google Maps Platform pop- up:
    • Select “I’m here to explore“ from the reason list.

    • Select Real Estate from the Industries list.

    • Select “I don’t know” from the learn more use case list and click next.

  2. Your API Key has been generated. Copy and paste this into a text editor.

  3. Select the hamburger menu located in the top left hand corner, next to “Google Cloud Platform”.

  4. From the menu select Billing.

  5. On the overview page, scroll down to the very bottom, on the right hand side click into the blue upgrade button.

  6. On the pop-up Activate your full account select activate. Then select continue.

  7. This will upgrade your trial account to a full account so that once your $300 of credit runs out, you will be automatically switched over to the $200 a month in free credits.

  8. Go back to your Incom Dashboard.

  9. Go to Configuration.

  10. Select Google API from the drop down.

  11. Paste the Google API key you created into the text field and select save.

  12. You will get notification that your Google API key has been saved and that your maps should be working.

If you receive any errors with your Google API key, please go here for trouble shooting.